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Intensity Shuttles innovative design is compact and portable, plus you can plug inline with your cables because input connections are on one side, and output connections on the other!

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Intensity Shuttle powers from the USB 3. If you need further information please contact sales interact. Connecting to cameras and digital set top boxes via HDMI for the highest quality. Get incredible quality video from cameras by capturing direct and bypassing the compression chip for professional quality video captured direct from the image sensor. As editing software cant play back to AVCHD and HDV cameras for monitoring, Intensity is ideal to use for monitoring edits with real time effects on the latest big screen televisions and video projectors by connecting to the built in HDMI out.

Intensity can also capture and play back all professional file formats so you can deliver finished television programs, music videos and other work at broadcast standards. Add broadcast quality to your editing system and move to a new world of video editing where your images always stay absolutely perfect at full resolution HDTV.

Intensity Pro and Shuttle let you create as fast as your mind works, because you get more online quality HD real time effects! Intensity Pro works with the software you love to use! You also get Photoshop plug-ins to grab and output frames, plus real time preview in After Effects, Fusion and Nuke. Thats a blistering 4.

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Visit Blackmagic Design web site. Be the first to write your review! All specials. Suppliers No supplier. Viewed products Blackmagic Intensity Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle Notify me when available.

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Write a review. Quantity The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. USB 3. Required: Intensity shuttle USB 3. Does not support USB 2. Independent connections for component and composite and s-video. Analog Video Output Independent connections for component and composite and s-video.

Blackmagic Design DeckLink Studio 4K

Device Control None. FireWire may be used for controlling some cameras. It even offers the possibility of recording H. UltraStudio teams with Thunderbolt connectivity are ideal for projects that demand high performance and the best quality. Simply connect a Thunderbolt cable to a desktop computer or laptop to access the tools for color-grading, editing, special effects and live streaming.

Ultra Studio 4K Extreme 3 is the most advanced solution available today for content capture and playback. The integrated encoder is able to convert images in real time to H. It also includes a wider range of analog and digital connections than any other model in the UltraStudio line, so it can be used with all types of cameras, recorders, monitors and switching arrays. The UltraStudio 4K Extreme 3 allows the use of the 12G SDI interface through derived outputs, in order to process contents in p60 with a single cable.

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Includes an HDMI 2. It also has inputs for component and reference analogue signals, time code and port to control different devices. It connects via the Thunderbolt port or an optional PCIe adapter that provides the ability to process content with higher image frequency and RGB color depth with 4K resolution.

How to Set Up Black Magic Intensity HD Capture Cards Part 3 - Installing Drivers & Capturing Video

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Still stuck on the media express program resolution though The Emicsoft Media Converter for Mac is Key Features: 1. I hope that an urgent solution and is hurting me seriously A greeting. Not RT but handy. On my early Mac pro, The application hang when i quit it.

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